Trip reports

Update September 2020

Due to the Covid-19 measurements we are currently not able to visit Berekum so we have no recent travel reports to show you.

September 2019

By doing an internship in Berekum, I've got to know another World, not only medially, but also culturally. I'm happy with my choice of doing a double internship of 14 weeks, so that I had a chance to get used to everything and work more indepently. I have experienced that it brings endless challenges and also frustrations to work in a hospital with limited resources. The able specialists work around the clock to keep everything in order. I have a lot of respect for them. It was very special to experience that medicine remains medecine, wherever in the World it is practiced. I have learned a lot from this internship in every possible way, and I will take this experience with me for the rest of my life.

Travel report

During my 6 weeks of internship in Berekum I had the following schedule: 1 week at the ER, 2 weeks of surgery, 1 week of gynaecology, 1 week of obstetrics and 1 week of pediatrics. I attended the morning meetings, contributed to the wards rounds, did OPD consultations and assisted at surgeries and deliveries. I enjoyed my internship very much and learded many new things. Six weeks was too short for me and I wished it would have been possible to stay longer. The level of practicing medicine at the Holy Family Hospital was quite good and most doctors were experienced and had good knowledge. I think the hospital has great potential to grow and improve the health care that is given.

With the help of the tropical doctor and tropical residents who are present at the hospital, healthcare is getting structured and education has been improved. Doctors share their knowledge, extend their knowledge and learn from each other. I learned a lot about tropical medicine in the last 6 weeks. I have seen diseases I had never seen before and I learned a lot about the treatment of tropical infections and how to diagnose and treat patients without the access to all investigation methods. Furthermore I learned about the cultural, social and financial aspects of health care in Ghana. Most importantly, I experienced how it feels to work as a tropical "doctor". I am very positive about my experiences in Berekum and this internship affirmed my motivation to become a doctor in tropical medicine. I hope someday I'll be able to work again in a place like Holy Family Hospital!

Clinical internship in Ghanai, April-May 2019

The past months we spend five weeks of our final clinical internship in the Holy Family Hospital in Berekum, and three weeks in the Fountain Care Hospital in Sampa: a wonderful experience!

In the hospital interns rotate between different department. You get the opportunity to learn a lot about diseases that have become less common in the western world, and the something quite different disgnostic and therapeutic approach. Being a doctor in Ghana you face many different challenges, e.g. in the communication with patients, with regards to the traveling distance of some patients, and the inability to pay for adequate healthcare.

Besides the internship itself, you have plenty of opportunities to really feel like a Ghanaian citizen. Be amazed by the great hospitality of the local inhabitants, the very interesting culture, religion, language, the touristic highlights, but also dive into the 'normal' Ghanaian live, visiting the local market, trying the delicious food and enjoying the nice warm weather.

We hope to return to Ghana and the Holy Family Hospital once! Medase paa!