Berekum Foundation


The main objective of the Berekum Foundation is to strengthen medical knowledge in Africa.
This is achieved through teaching and knowledge transfer through lectures, workshops, practical skill training, and the demonstration of surgical operating skills.


Gynaecologists from the Isala Hospital in Zwolle (the Netherlands) developed working relations with the Holy Family Hospital in Berekum (Ghana). At least twice a year, gynaecologists from Zwolle and other Dutch hospitals visit the Holy Family Hospital for the duration of a couple of weeks. The Holy Family Hospital is a large hospital with a regional function, supporting surrounding hospitals and dispensaries.

The Dutch gynaecologists mainly have a teaching and knowledge transfer role. The hospital in Berekum hosts a large midwifery school. Training is provided at this school. In addition to nurses and midwifes, local doctors receive further education and supervision in deliveries, surgical operations, as well as in other clinical work. Following the training in Berekum, the midwifes and medical doctors will work in smaller hospitals and dispensaries in the more remote areas of Ghana. For the local doctors, who hardly ever receive continuing education, being in contact with the Dutch gynaecologists is very stimulating and motivating.

The Ghanaian doctors place high value on the transfer of knowledge, with an emphasis on continuing education in various gynaecological specialities, including uro-gynaecology, gynaecological cancers, and care for pregnant women and women who give birth.

Annual Reports

You can read the annual reports for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 here.

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